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 Non-allergic beds, and bedding by Coco-Mat are featured. Mosaic tiling compliments the spacious bathrooms. Some are split-level suites or include a seating area.
Massage & Yoga

Our fully qualified massage therapist and yoga teacher are available in-house upon request. To ensure you get your desired date and time, please book in advance your massage treatments and yoga sessions.

Tours & Excursions

There should be one day during your holidays that you spend out in the sea! We have a choice of few most popular day tours throughout the island. Walks and trips are varied catering for all tastes and abilities. Please enquire for more information.

Transfers & Car Rentals

We will always be happy to offer you our transfer or car rental services and to assist you with getting anywhere you'd like, either to the airport on time or any other destination on the island. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the details.


Arguably one of the most romantic garden in Rhodes island 
The hotel is fully air conditioned for the hot summers and centrally heated for the cooler winters.


We provide sun lounges, bathrobes, toiletries and towels for sunbathing in our gardens and we have a large outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotel has a well stocked bar and provides a wide breakfast menu as well as an additional brunch menu formulated by our nutritionist Sandra Diegues.


Our first floor library is available for all our guests to enjoy. An internet pc is available in the reception area and free wireless broadband is available throughout the hotel.


We strive to provide all our guests with a peaceful and luxurious environment in which to relax and enjoy their stay. We are able to arrange a variety of additional services to make your stay even more rewarding.


Please ask our staff for more details.


Our ethos... 'Eco-Friendliness, Less Pollution, Conservation in all areas of life and nature'

 Our commitment to the environment includes natural materials in elements of reconstruction and daily running of the hotel. Wood from sustainable forests and solar energy for heating water have been incorporated. All floors are laid with timber, marble, stone or sea washed pebbles. Central heating radiators are created using marble, not metal.

​Luxury non-allergenic mattresses, pillows and duvets are created by Coco-Mat from six natural fibres.​ Linen is fine quality natural cotton. Mattresses are made of natural materials which are stacked in multiple layers. No metal springs are used. Harder layers, such as coconut fiber, provide adequate support for the body’s weight, while the more elastic layers of natural latex follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve.

Solar energy is used for external lighting where possible. Low energy products are used for internal lighting where possible. Custom designed lighting made by local craftsmen using hand blown glass.



'Eco-Friendly, Less Pollution, Conservation in all areas of life and nature'

Toiletries and cleaning liquids are non allergenic natural products.

Natural Superking

Coco-Mat sized beds with natural fibres


“I've stayed at the Spirit of the Knights hotel twice. It is a fabulous, small, authentic hotel inside the walls of the Old Town , perfectly positioned for a couple of days of sightseeing, wandering the lovey old cobblestone lanes and enjoying a beautiful evening meal out. It is a small place, just a few rooms, but with heaps of charm. ”


The best hotel in Old town Rhodes

—  Lee, from UK







Spirit of the Knights
Boutique Hotel

14 Alexandridou

Old Town

Rhodes 85100

Rhodes island


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